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Oven cleaning

Professional oven cleaning services London

Oven Cleaning London

This is how clean your oven will be after our service.

Leave the dirty, greasy oven to our specialists. We provide professional and thorough clean up service for every part of your greasy oven including knobs, burners, door, racks, exterior and interior walls. Our oven cleaning in London technicians are properly trained and fully equipped to get your oven cleaned in the swiftest way possible without sacrificing the quality of the job.

  • Impeccable service
  • Affordable rates
  • Tasty discounts.

Why Choose Our Oven Cleaning Service?

Our company has years of experience delivering professional services in London to private and business clients. Our dip tank methods guarantee effective removal of any stains and burns from various parts of the oven without damaging them in any way or form. 

Main Benefits From Our Services:

  • Quality and professional London oven cleaning procedure delivered safe and on time. That is what our small crew of professional cleaners can and will guarantee you for your money.
  • 24/7 call centre support. No matter when and where you are, have your dirt and grease removing service booked instantly.
  • Everywhere in London – no matter where are you located, it’s always possible for us to reach your place. Our London basedoven cleaning  professionals also cover over 10 of the biggest areas in London.
  • Service available 7 days a week with no extra charge – cleaning on the same day, on weekends and bank holidays
  • Fully insured service
  • Vetted and checked professional cleaners – our professionals are trained, certified and insured
  • Fixed rates and no hidden charges – Germs and bacteria will thrive in your oven no more. Tastes won’t mix during cooking and the usage of your domestic stove will expand dramatically with proper maintenance on time.
  • Green and safe proven washing solutions – our company guarantees no residues and potential harm to your and your family’s health will ever appear as a consequence from our service.


But that’s not all! Besides getting your oven clean, we are fully capable to take care and clean the rest of the appliances in your kitchen.

We Also Offer:

  • Kitchen cleaning
  • BBQ cleaning
  • Extractor cleaning
  • Other kitchen appliances cleaning (dishwasher, microwave)

We guarantee competitive rates and provide 24/7 call center support to fully accommodate your oven cleaning London needs.

Professional oven cleaning services London

 Price - Oven Cleaning

 Single oven including 2 racks
 from £ 40
 Double oven including 3 racks
 from £ 60
 Additional racks / trays  from £7 each
 Extractor  from £ 20
 Microwave oven  from £ 15
 Gas hob  from £ 25
 Ceramic hob  from £ 15
 Complete range  from £ 80

Property maintenance prices vary from job to job. We provide free on-site quotes. We encourage you to email or call 0794 005 05 30 for a free no obligation quote. If you can not find the price you are looking for, please give us a call on 0794 005 05 30.
Minimum call-out charges apply - £ 50.00 per booking

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Professional oven cleaning services

Professional cleaning oven, hob ..

services details

We Also Offer:

Kitchen cleaning, BBQ cleaning, Extractor cleaning, Other kitchen appliances cleaning (dishwasher, microwave


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