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Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning London

Upholstery Cleaning London

Three piece suites and other upholstered items are often quite expensive so it is not surprising that many people are keen to get as much use out of their living room furniture as possible. You can extend the useful lifespan of your sofas and chairs by taking advantage of our professional service, carried out by experienced operatives using top quality Prochem equipment. Once your furniture has been treated by our team, you will see a noticeable difference in its appearance as we take great care to ensure that every piece is expertly cleaned with safe chemicals and hot water.

How it works

Before we clean your sofas, chairs and stools, we apply a mild conditioner that opens up the fibres of the fabric, allowing water to flow freely through it and reach all the particles of dirt that have become lodged there over time. Next, we use a rinsing agent to extract the particles, which removes even deep stains. The final step in our upholstered chair cleaning, whether we are dealing with a single piece of furniture or a three-piece suite that includes an ottoman, is a final rinse using fresh water, to ensure that all chemicals and dirt particles are completely removed.

Upholstery Cleaning London


The price you pay will depend on the size and number of pieces of furniture that need to be cleaned but we can promise you that our rates are very competitive and that our team will do a first class job. We are happy to clean a wide variety of items and because our operatives are fully trained, there is no need to worry that your furniture will be damaged in the process. Whether your favourite armchair or recliner is looking the worse for wear or you want to ensure that yourupholstery fabric sofa remains spotless, we can help.

 Price - Upholstery Steam Cleaning

 Foot stool
 from £ 8
 from £ 17
 One-seater sofa  from £ 20
 Two-seater sofa  from £ 24
 Three-seater sofa  from £ 35
 Curtains (per pair) – half length  from £ 22
 Curtains (per pair) – full length  from £ 34
 Single mattress (3ft)  from £ 13
 Double mattress (4ft 6)  from £ 17
 King sized mattress (5ft)  from £ 22


services details

It really does not matter what you send our way, we will clean everything and anything. There really is nothing we can't clean at all.

We provide first class cleaning services at all times and we always guarantee high quality upholstery clean. With our cleaning services, your sofa, curtains and so forth, will certainly look immaculate. We can carry out any cleaning project you send our way, so ask away. We can clean absolutely everything and anything, so go ahead and hire us for cleaning. We are the best cleaning company in the area and won't disappoint you.

We use only the most effective eco-friendly cleaning products on your upholsteries. You will notice a major difference when we clean your upholsteries with our eco-friendly materials.

Unlike so many cleaning companies, we offer eco-friendly cleaning at an affordable price that won't leave you with a broken bank balance. The main reason we use ecofriendly products on your upholsteries is because we believe that cleaning should be done without harming our environment. Why should the environment pay for upholstery cleaning? No, we like to clean with a completely clear conscience. We won't put up with damaging the earth for cleaning.

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